Welcome to BumbleBee Quilting

BumbleBee Quilting is the professional machine quilting business of Portland, Oregon quilter Sherri Wallaert.

I will turn your unfinished quilt top into a completed work of art. You have spent hours selecting the perfect fabrics, choosing a pattern, and piecing the top, now let me make your vision a reality.

My expertise and state-of-the-art equipment ensures consistent, beautiful results so you can focus on the parts of quilting that you like best!

My "Millennium" American Professional Quilting System (APQS) provides endless design choices. I offer edge-to-edge, custom quilting and everything in between. I have many edge-to-edge patterns to choose from and there are hundreds more available. I will help you choose the perfect quilting design that enhances your quilt and meets your budget.

In the Portland area: Call or text me at (503) 853-0714 or email at sherri@bumblebeequilting.com to set up an appointment at my southeast Portland home.

Outside the Portland area: Mail me your project. I am happy to accept projects from clients that live outside the Portland area or local clients that find it more convenient to mail their quilts.

Turnaround times vary, but are currently about three weeks.


Close view of Baby Quilt 1

Close view of Baby Quilt 2

Close view of Baby Quilt 3

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